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Saiwa Swamp National Park DUP

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979 sq.kms
Saiwa Swamp is Kenya’s smallest national park. It basically protects a swamp fed by the Saiwa River, which provides shelter for a viable population of the rare sitatunga antelope. There are several observation towers overlooking the swamp, and with some patience, sightings are almost guaranteed. The park is only accessible on foot.
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Recent Sightings


Zone A, Zone B

  • Tiger was sitting on a log, Leopard with a cub sitting on a tree, Elephants, gaur, sambar, malabar giant squirrel. White bellied woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, green imerial pigeons, streak throated woodpecker and crested hawk eagle. Crocodiles and Rattlesnake.

How to reach?

Saiwa Swamp is located 385km/239mi from Nairobi and 27km/16mi from Kitale. There is a small airport in Kitale, Kitale Airport (KIT), but most people visit Saiwa Swamp on a safari in Western Kenya by 4WD.

Nairobi is a major transport hub, so most people flying to Kenya from Europe or North America arrive here. Just southeast (15km/9mi) of Nairobi is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO). Kenya's second international airport, Moi International Airport (MBA), is 9km/6mi west of Mombasa.

Gates and Locations

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