Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

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June to September
Mgahinga Gorilla NP is an alternative destination to Bwindi for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda Mgahinga is part of the Virunga Mountains, which are situated in the border area between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda As opposed to other gorilla trekking places, including the one in Bwindi NP, there is only one habituated gorilla troop in Mgahinga The gorilla group has been nomadic at times and can sometimes even move across the border This makes the park less reliable for gorilla trekking While there is a very good chance of seeing the gorillas here, sightings are not guaranteed
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Recent Sightings


Zone A, Zone B

  • Tiger was sitting on a log, Leopard with a cub sitting on a tree, Elephants, gaur, sambar, malabar giant squirrel. White bellied woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, green imerial pigeons, streak throated woodpecker and crested hawk eagle. Crocodiles and Rattlesnake.

How to reach?

Mgahinga Gorilla NP is 510km/317mi from Kampala If visited as part of a Ugandan tour, Mgahinga can be reached by road from Queen Elizabeth NP (three to four hours), or from Lake Mburo NP (five to seven hours) If coming straight from Entebbe or Kampala, the trip will take about eight hours A 4WD vehicle is essential in the Wet seasons (from February to May and September to November) Mgahinga can also be reached by flight

Gates and Locations

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