Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

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June to October
Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Khammam district, Telangana state of India.

The wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 635.40 km2 (157,010 acres) with the picturesque Kinnerasani Lake with densely forested islands in the middle of the sanctuary.

It is 15 km (9.3 mi) from Kothagudem and 25 km (16 mi) from Bhadrachalam.
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Recent Sightings


Zone A, Zone B

  • Tiger was sitting on a log, Leopard with a cub sitting on a tree, Elephants, gaur, sambar, malabar giant squirrel. White bellied woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, green imerial pigeons, streak throated woodpecker and crested hawk eagle. Crocodiles and Rattlesnake.

How to reach?

Nearest airport – Hyderabad is the nearest airport to reach Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary.

Nearest Railway Station – Bhadrachalam is the nearest railway station located at 25 km distance to this place. From the railway stations, frequent road transport is available to reach this site.

Road Accessibility – Taxi services, APSRTC buses, private cabs at affordable rates are available from Kinnersani. It can be easily reached from Khammam district by bus.

Gates and Locations

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