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Tamil Nadu

Amaravathy Crocodile Farm

AnyWildlife Sanctuary
January to December
Crocodiles once abundant in Amaravathy, Periyar and Chinnar and most of other perennial river have been threatened to near extinction. Hence the project of captive breeding of this crocodiles came into existing at Amaravathy. The object of captive breeding of crocodile at Amaravathy as in other Crocodile Centre in Tamilnadu is to collect Crocodile eggs from the wild clutch and rear it in captivity and release the young crocodile in the wild to restore its status. The project started in 1976 has reared crocodile successfully under captivity.

Since 1976 captive bred crocodiles were periodically released in to the rivers. Currently, only 98 crocodiles (male 25 +female 73) only available. It is an additional tourist attraction

Details of entry fees collected, working time, approach road and contact persons are furnished below:

Entry fees collected
0.50 paise per adult person
0.25 paise per child.(below 12 years).

Working time 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. every day.
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Recent Sightings


Zone A, Zone B

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How to reach?

From Coimbatore
By road –via Pollachi, Udumalpet
Amaravathy nagar - 96 kms.

(It is one Km. before Amaravathy dam site.)

Gates and Locations

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